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PICC and CAST Covers for Showers

The PICC line and Cast cover. Two products you never think of.....

.....until you need one, then you can't find one quick enough! We know how you feel. These products were made for you today! 

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P+P Custom Medical Supplies Inc.

Our Continued Mission The P+P Mission is and will always be to aid in comfort, safety, and independence of its customers while also staying affordable for any budget. Whether your needs are for commercial, private health, or individual use, P+P's products like the PICC Line Protector help people in need become more comfortable and safer while dealing with unfortunate circumstances caused by illness, accident or surgery. Absolute customer satisfaction and unlimited personal attention to each one of our clients is the backbone of our lasting and proven business model.​ 

If you have a PICC line or Cast and need to take a Shower.............We have your product!!

 The Four Focal Points of P+P

  • Customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Unique product selection 
  • Fast delivery

Providing custom medical supplies for those who need them the most was an idea conceptualized in a hospital bed. Trying to lead a normal life but not being able to keep your arm clean or dry can make an already trying time, even more difficult. P+P Custom Medical Supplies realized this and decided to solve this common problem.  

picc bandage

Being Disposable = Convenience and Safety!!

We developed the Disposable Shower SOC line of products, PICC line covers and Cast Covers, so that people could take a shower independently!! 

Having a product that was able to be self administered was one of our main focus points! 

The other priority was that it be disposable so patients would feel safe and keep a clean environment around the affected area when they shower.

Thank you for looking and we wish you a speedy recovery and good health! 

The Story of the Disposable Shower SOC

Bob Pavuchak's Story!!

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Thank you! My husband doesn't have to saran wrap and tape his arm and no longer needs help with getting ready for shower! They worked extremely well. Would purchase again, just hope we don't ever have a need again! - Beth


I had CTS surgery on my right wrist and this worked wonderfully to keep my lower arm, wrist & hand dry so I could take showers. I am having surgery on my left wrist and elbow soon and plan to use this product again for that.  - Andy


I have a picc line and have been using disposable shower soc after a week of fooling around with saran wrap! What a life saver! Love them!! - Albert


Dear P+P, The Product - the hand/arm Shower SOC - by the way worked very well and it allowed me to see patients in a safe manner. I have given this feedback to the hospital administration. Perhaps this will allow other patients and members of the hospital staff to work despite an injury. Thank You, - Dr. K Link


With the Disposable Elbow Knee Shower SOC, ALWAYS put upper band on the MEATY portion of the Bicep, NEVER in the ARMPIT AREA!!

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PICC and CAST Covers for Showers


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